What is class 5 felony Virginia

The classes of felony are classified into six main classes in Virginia. Class 1 felony is considered the most severe class with quite harsh penalties; while class 6 felony is regarded as the less severe class with less serious penalties. Many people want to know about what is class 5 felony Virginia, when they are charged with any of the offense that are involved in class 5 felony. It is important for the individuals to first understand the term felony, how it can be charged, and what could be the consequences of the conviction. Crimes that fall under the category of class 5 felony include involuntary manslaughter, aggravated and assault, drug charges, domestic violence, willful neglect, larceny, bribery, etc. They are also known as wobbler crimes. This means that they can be charged with either misdemeanor or felony depending on the circumstances of the crime.

An individual who wants to about what is class 5 felony Virginia, should remember that it is considered to be a serious crime under the law. Although it is included in one of the lowest classes of felony, but still hold some serious consequences. The conviction of class 5 felony can result in a prison sentence of 1 to 10 years and a potential fine of up to $2,500. The convictions can also make the offender lose some of their basic rights such as right to hold a firearm, right to vote, right to qualify for loans, etc. The license of the accused can also be suspended or revoked under certain conditions. A person may also be restricted to travel around the world or to acquire the licenses that are issued by the government agencies. Such offenses not only affect the life of the accused, but also negatively affect the society. In order to get rid of such offenses, it is the responsibility of every individual to follow the law.

The law enforcement agencies along with different organizations also raise awareness for the individuals who have questions in their mind like what is class 5 felony Virginia, what are the charges associated with it, etc. Such individuals do not even know that either it is important to hire a lawyer or not when they are charged with class 5 felony. Although the penalties that are charged in the conviction of class 5 felony are less serious, but still they hold serious outcomes. In order to get these charges reduced and to avoid the future severe consequences, hiring a defense attorney is the best option that an individual can have. These lawyers can help an individual in knowing about what is class 5 felony Virginia. These lawyers bear the best skills that a lawyer must have. They have the complete knowledge of laws and regulations that are practiced in the state. With the help of an experienced and skilled professional, an individual can determine the chances of winning at trial. There are number of legal firms that recruit such defense lawyers. These firms provide an easy access to the users who want to consult a defense lawyer. They can help to get expunge off the charges as they have complete knowledge about what is class 5 felony Virginia.