Warren Virginia Arson Laws

Arson is an offense that is harshly punished in the Warren Virginia. The State Laws of Virginia have very strict penalties for people convicted of arson, as it causes risk to human life. Arson is defined as an act where a person burns a dwelling or a building, causing loss of property, health, and wealth. Purchasing a house is not an easy task these days. For some people, it would take their lifelong savings to purchase what would be their dream home.

One should imagine the agony that awaits people who lose their home to an arson. People can be involved in an arson for various reasons, such as:


Sometimes, people can resort to lowly acts of arson to take revenge on the victim. The rivalry could exist between companies, families, friends, or even neighbors. It is difficult to predict who can feel a sense of rivalry towards you. However, due to personal grudges and with an intent to cause the other person harm or danger, people can easily get involved with arson.

Mob War

As a result of mob wars, Arson is quite common. When two mobs engage each other, it is likely that they will cause a havoc. Often, two warring mobs would engage in destroying the property owned by the other mob, that would include arson to burn their dwellings, houses, businesses, etc. In Virginia, people who are caught and convicted of arson can spend a lifetime in prison.

Juvenile Crime

Arson can also be a result of a juvenile crime. The teenagers and children often have daring demands from each other, sometimes, that would include torching someone’s house or porch to teach them a lesson. Arson can also be to protest against a school bully or a teacher who is unfair to other students. In either case, juvenile crime, such as arson can also attract jail term, financial penalties, and a permanent record against your name.

Under the Influence

Often, people make the gravest of mistakes under the influence of alcohol or drugs. Drinking too much would cloud the judgment of a person and would affect their sense of rationale. This can also lead to making impractical advancements that can cause incidents, including arson. A person who is under the influence and is involved in an arson would most likely be faced with stricter charges.

In either case, being accused of arson does not mean you are convicted. Often, there are reasons that court would fail to understand that could help you plead innocent. Hiring an experienced lawyer is vital if you are charged with arson and any delay can cause troublesome consequences. Since arson is considered a serious felony, you can spend a lifetime in prison. Therefore, once you are charged with arson, contact a law firm that is experienced in handling such cases. Always narrate the exact nature of events as they occurred and never keep information from your lawyer, as he/she would be presenting your case in front of the court. Insight about the occurrence of events will help defend your case.