Virginia Larceny Charges Definitions and Penalties

In Virginia by definition, the theft can be charged as a small or large larceny. The difference between two Virginia theft charges is the value of the items taken. There is a small larceny in the Virginia which is a crime, stealing is a felony in Virginia.

Definition of grand larceny:

Virginian state grand larceny is to take an item of $ 200 or more to permanently deprive the owner of his property or to take an item directly from a person in excess of $ 5.

What are the penalties for the crime of larceny in Virginia?Under Virginia law, the larceny can ultimately be a serious charge with more serious consequences if not properly defended against. It is often difficult to clear off criminal records and may track suspects throughout their lives, making it difficult to obtain and maintain work.After being accused of larceny, the accused should immediately seek legal representation to begin drafting a strong legal defense and examining evidence. Through pre-trial, lawyers can properly measure the strength of the case and make sure that the summary is consistent with the criminal charge.Petty larceny charges in Virginia: Sometimes called small larceny, his larceny in Virginia is a property theft less than $ 200 or less than $ 5 when stolen directly from someone else amount. This sets very low criteria for more serious charges like larceny which is grand. The penalties of larceny in the state of Virginia include:·        Up to one year’s imprisonment;·        Fine up to $ 2500; and·        First degree criminal record.Often, the claim may with no proof claim the value of the property steal, exposing the defense to the risk of greater penalties. Having an experienced lawyer can mean the difference between heavier penalties or an easier sentence.Big prison charge in Virginia:Stealing property worth more than $ 200 in value or taking property worth more than $ 5 per person is considered a major kind of larceny in Virginia. The theft of any value is also a major larceny in Virginia. Most of the major charges of severe crimes can carry very serious jail time and financial penalties. Major penalties for theft in Virginia include:
A minimum of one year in prison for a maximum of 20 years; Fine up to $ 2500. The courts in Virginia have right to deliver easier sentences, closer to those associated with the stolen house. People who do not have a criminal record or who allegedly stole property closer to the $ 200 threshold for small / large robbery can receive these easy sentences, so having a strong criminal defense attorney to defend this kind of consideration can make a difference in the world. The Virginia law has ruled many criminals larceny with minimum mandatory provisions. A second term of imprisonment either easy or having the severe kind of charges carries a minimum sentence of 30 days and up to one year in prison.