Unlawful Vehicle Modifications in Warren Virginia

Everyone loves their cars and opt to modify them in different ways. Some of the vehicle modification are very subtle but other are extreme and can be seen right away on the road. Most of the people enjoy customizing and modifying their vehicle whether it’s a high quality rim, dark tints or a unique aftermarket lightning.

According to Virginia law no person will drive a car on the public road if it has been changed by modification of its altitude from the ground to the degree that its bumpers, measured to any point on the lesser edge of the main horizontal bumper bar, limited of any bumper guard, are not within the range of 14 inches to 22 inches above the ground.

Whether you presently live in Warren Virginia or plan to move to the area, you need to be aware of the regulations that affect the modifications you make on your vehicle. The following information will help ensure that your car or truck has modifications that keep it street legal on the roads in Warren Virginia. There are some unlawful vehicle modification in Warren Virginia that should be avoided which includes:

Sound and Noise

The sound regulation cover the sound system and the muffler. The sound system in Warren Virginia cannot be that much loud that it disturb other who are 75 feet from the vehicle. It needs to be at volume which does not cover the sound of emergency vehicle when on roads.


All vehicles need to have muffler which prevent any unusual and excessive noise. Modification which make the exhaust system louder that it was from the manufacturer are not permitted. The chamber piper that haven dents or groves are also not permitted.

Frame and Suspension

Warren Virginia has some regulations for the bumper height based on the Gross Vehicle Rating which are:

  • Less than 4,501 GVWR– Maximum front height is 28 inches, rear is 28 inches
  • 4,501-7,500 GVWR– Maximum front height is 29 inches, rear is 30 inches
  • 7,501-15,000 GVWR– Maximum front height is 30 inches, rear is 31 inches
  • Vehicles can be no taller than 13 feet 6 inches
  • Front lift blocks are not allowed


Warren Virginia requires emissions testing through several cities and regions. Visit the Virginia DMV website to learn further. Additionally, the extreme size for a cover scoop is 38 inches wide by 50.5 inches long by 1.125 inches tall. No other guidelines are listed for engine swaps or modifications.

Lights and Windows


  • Two fog lamps are allowed – front lamps needs to be clear or amber, rear must be red
  • At one time there are only four light allowed to lit
  • Blue and red lamps are only allowed for Department of Corrections vehicles
  • Flashing and rotating lights are not allowed on passenger cars
  • Lights which turn on together must emit the same color light
  • All lamps must have DOT or SAE stamp


  • Non-reflective color is allowed on the windshield above AS-1 line from the manufacturer
  • Front side window tint should allow over 50% of light to pass
  • Rear window and back side window tint should allow over 35% of light to pass
  • Side mirrors are essential with rear window tint
  • Reflective tint cannot imitate more than 20%
  • Red tint is not legal for use