Divorce Lawyers Fredericksburg VA

Many of our legal clients live in Fredericksburg, and we would be happy to discuss your undisputed divorce case by email, phone or in our office in Fredericksburg. In general, you don’t have to come to the office to set up a simple undisputed divorce. About undisputed divorces in Virginia If you want a good, fast divorce in Virginia at an extremely competitive price; you’ve come to the right place. SRIS, P.C.’s law firms specialize in undisputed, inexpensive divorces in Virginia, Fredericksburg and the surrounding area. If you need a quick divorce from Fredericksburg, you will of course have a lot of questions. We understand. For this reason, we have compiled the following FAQ, which answers the most common divorce questions in detail. If you have any further questions about your divorce in Virginia, contact us today:

How should I get a divorce?

 A: Our office offers two major ways to help you get your divorce in Fredericksburg, VA: Divorce by filing or without appearing in court divorce that requires you to appear in court for about two minutes. Your spouse does NOT have to appear:

How long will the divorce last?

A: One of the main benefits of The Law Offices from SRIS, P.C., is that we can complete your divorce quickly. Your options are: Divorce three weeks’ week of divorce10 weeks divorce (by publication if the requirements are met)

Tip: If you want to end your divorce in Virginia quickly, please choose the option to appear in court for two minutes. If you cannot do this, choose a divorce by filing. The advantage of this option is that you can finish the deposit if you have the time and don’t even have to come to our office.

While filing a divorce is slower than a court appearance, it is your ideal option if a court appearance is not possible:

How is my lawyer available for questions?

A: Our highly qualified divorce lawyers and their legal assistants are available to answer your questions M-F; 9-6 PM Ewe also have limited office hours on Sundays. We also answer questions around the clock by email:

How is such a quick divorce possible in Virginia?

A: We have years of experience in uncontested divorces! We know the advantages and disadvantages of divorce law. We also have special software that allows us to create very long legal documents quickly, with high speed and accuracy:

What is your divorce total?

A: We have done thousands of divorces in Virginia and never accept more than we can handle at the same time. All of our divorces in VA are uncontested and we deal with them seven days a week. We know what each court expects, and we are constantly in court to present cases. We know every bureaucracy that can possibly delay a divorce and we know how to fix such situations’:

What is your story about undisputed VA divorces?

A: We have specialized in undisputed divorces in Fredericksburg for 18 years.