Criminal Lawyers in Richmond VA

It is important to consult a Richmond criminal defense lawyer if you think you are being investigated for a crime. If a person is charged with a crime in Richmond or anywhere in Virginia, it will have serious consequences from the time of arrest. You could lose your freedom, maybe right away. Large fines and long prison terms could be on the other side of your belief. Other consequences can last even longer as the conviction becomes part of your criminal record. Your good job could be under threat and it could be difficult to find another. This means that financial opportunities that were previously readily available can suddenly be closed to you, e.g. Good interest rates on loans and access to preferred housing. Even some government benefits may no longer be available to you. For this reason, anyone charged with a crime of assault, domestic violence, or stalking to a parking ticket in Richmond must seek an experienced criminal defense lawyer in Richmond at the earliest opportunity and develop aggressive defense strategies that can prevent them from living with the consequences of one the following lawsuits and many others not listed below.

Ruthless driving and DUI fees Ruthless driving can be one of the 13 most dangerous violations of the motion rules [Virginia Criminal Code Section 46.2-852 (up to 865)] and is accused of class 1 offense. This could put you in jail. Detention can last up to a year, in addition to a fine of up to $ 2,500: And there are circumstances that can make your detention (and fine) worse if your ruthless behavior behind the wheel seriously injure or kill someone. There’s also an additional fine of $ 250 for texting if you’ve also received a ruthless driving ticket. All convictions are subject to a driving license suspension of up to six months. Operating a motor vehicle under the influence of alcohol (DUI) or drugs (DUID) is calculated as DUI. These are class 1 offenses as well and are punished as ruthless driving. Instead of a six-month suspension of the driving license, convictions for DUI / DUID provide for a one-year suspension of the driving license for a first offense, which is higher for later convictions. Repeated convictions and drivers who are approved for DUI / DUID with a minor in the vehicle must expect a minimum sentence of up to 12 months. In many cases – especially with a second conviction – an ignition lock (IID) must be attached to your vehicle after your driver’s license is returned to you (or if you manage to obtain a restricted driver’s license) and remains there for at least six months. A lawyer in Richmond can help you with criminal proceedings, license bans, traffic offenses, and even applying for a restricted license if you need to drive for your job.

Attack and battery these are violent “crimes against people” that involve physical confrontation – or the threat or it. Offenses that attack convictions can result in a suspended sentence up to one year in prison and / or a fine of $ 2,500.

Other offenses are: Aggravated malicious wound (which results in a mandatory prison sentence [section 18.2-51.2] Home attack against a family or household member. Depending on the severity of the victim’s injuries and / or if the crime is a repeat offense, it can be charged up to a class 2 crime with a large fine and up to 20 years in prison [Section 18.2-10 (b)]. If the attack is a hate crime [section 18.2-57 (B)] or against a protected government employee (police officer, judge or rescue worker) [section 18.2-57 (C)], it will be charged with class 6 crime.