Controlled substances in Louden Virginia

Controlled substances are the illegal drugs that cause a detrimental effect on the health. Almost all states have same laws regarding the controlled substances. The use of such agents is strictly prohibited. Use of these drugs not only effect the health but also cause issues with the society. The person gets addicted and may leave his job, family studies as well as stop taking interest in the social setup. The main aim is to get the drug through different ways. Many druggists have been reported in the state who have sold their properties for sake of intake of such life taking drugs.

Virginia laws related to the controlled substances

Louden Virginia laws state that the intake of such drugs that cause addiction and cause harmful effects on the body are strictly prohibited. The laws have categorized these drugs in 6 schedules. The drugs present in schedule one and two are most potent and do not recommendable even for medical use. The drugs present in rest of 4 schedules are potent as well as addictive but the law allows doctors to use them under strict supervision.

The Virginia laws are same as other states. the only difference exists with the federal drug laws is that marijuana is nonscheduled drug in Virginia.

Penalties on intake of controlled substances

The person doing misuse of these drugs is liable to the specific penalty as stated in Virginia’s law. The laws are strict regarding the possession as well as the sale of these drugs. The person possessing, selling or using these drugs have to pay fine from $250 to $2500 depending on the type of drug he is using. In case if you want to reduce the penalties and punishment it is important to seek the help of the lawyer.

The person can sell these drugs to only defined areas as stated in the law. He is not allowed to sale drugs in areas like schools, public property, public areas like library parks and bus stands. In case someone finds selling the controlled substance in these areas is liable for punishment.

Contact an attorney

If you are facing penalties due to possessing or selling these drugs it is good to hire n attorney. Law offices of SRIS P.C has well experienced lawyers who defend these cases efficiently. the attorney listens to your plea and collect such evidence and make statements so that the offender can get a reduction in the fine. To get reduction it is important to assure that you will not sale or possess the controlled substances again.

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